At Immanuel, we cherish the opportunity to teach your children the precious message of God's love.  We encourage all families with children from age three to sixth grade to make use of our Sunday School — we are eager to partner with you in giving your children a Christian education. Children in seventh grade and above are encouraged to join Sunday school as helpers or attend adult Bible study with their parents. There is no cost to families to participate in Sunday school.  ALL children (preschool through 6th grade) are encouraged to attend. Just like at Immanuel School, the same Christ-centered message is taught, however Sunday school uses a different curriculum and format. Children will participate in a lesson and enjoy a craft or game each week. Register your child(ren) by clicking the blue registration button at the bottom of the page.

Sunday school is held each Sunday from the Sunday after Labor Day through the end of April, from 9:15am–10:10am. During this same time, there is adult education in the lower level of church. Everyone is encouraged to grow in their understanding of Christ.

Starting at 9:15am, the Pre-K through 6th grade teachers and students meet as a group at the front of church for a charge-up of great Christian music.  The teachers will then take their classes over to their rooms in the Immanuel school building to teach the Bible lesson and do some other fun and educational activities. After students have lesson and activity time, their teacher will walk them to their craft classroom. After craft time, teachers will walk children back to the church at 10:10am to meet their parents in the Gathering Room.


The purpose of our Sunday school can be summarized with just one word: Jesus. Everything we do in Sunday school focuses on Jesus. As Paul wrote, “We preach Christ crucified” (1 Corinthians 1:23). Everything we say and do in Sunday school is designed to focus our attention on Jesus so that both students and teachers grow in Christian faith and godly living.


Immanuel Sunday school will use Cross Explorations published by Concordia Publishing House to teach the lesson. It is an excellent, dynamic, Biblical and Christ-centered curriculum. Students will learn all the major stories of the Old and New Testaments and see how God weaves his plan of salvation in Christ through the lives of ordinary men, women and children. The focus is squarely on the heart of the entire Bible: Jesus Christ, our Savior from sin, death and the devil. Each lesson reveals our sin and God’s forgiving mercy in Christ. Students will grow to trust Jesus more and to serve him gladly with lives of thankful obedience. Teachers and craft leaders will rotate each trimester so that no one teacher will be committed to the entire year. The crafts will be planned for each Sunday using the Express Craft Booklet.

Sunday school is a FREE service for both members and non-members alike. Click the button below to register your child(ren). For more information about our Sunday school, you can contact us or call our office at (920) 684-3404.