Easy Electronic Contributions

Do you use your cell phone for everything? Use it for your church offerings, too. Download the free Give+ app to make recurring offerings or one-time donations to Immanuel. It's available from Vanco Payment Solutions, our provider of online payment services. It’s also a convenient solution whenever you have your phone but don’t have cash or checks with you.


To download and use the app:

·  Search for "GivePlus" on Google Play or the App Store.

·  Download and install the free Give+/GivePlus app from Vanco Services.

·  Open the app. The first step to donating is to find the right "Immanuel" to receive your offering. Either use the location-based "Find Churches Near Me" feature or type in "54220" to see a short list of Manitowoc churches, and choose Immanuel from there.

·  Once Immanuel is selected, you can continue with the simple process to donate from your bank account, credit card or debit card. 

You can choose to create an account or donate as a guest. To set up recurring offerings, you will need to create an account to store payment methods. To login in the future, you will securely and conveniently use TouchID, PIN or password. Setting up an account also gives you access to your giving history.

Questions? Contact Gaye Klein, office Financial Assistant.

Give+ App sample screen.jpg