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Immanuel Lutheran Church
This gallery gives you a brief look at our church facilities.

Vacation Bible School 2009 - Day 1
Immanuel's "Dive In!" VBS program began Monday, August 3rd.  The students compared how the Black Dragonfish tricks smaller fish into coming nearer with how the devil tries to trick us to follow him instead of God. The morning also included games in the gym, fresh fruit for snacktime, being introduced to some neat, new songs and some "hand"-y crafts.

Vacation Bible School 2009 - Day 2
On Tuesday we learned how the Porcupine Fish fills up with water to make its spines stick out and be more formidable to enemy fish.  Likewise the kids learned to fill themselves up with God's Word so we can be stronger to fight the devil and temptation, just as Jesus did when he was tempted by the devil during his life here on earth.  We took class pictures today, the younger kids had fun with the parachutes during activity time and the craft projects involved some painting and glueing -- always fun! 

Vacation Bible School 2009 - Day 3
Check out all the closeup photos we took on Day 3 of VBS (over 90 photos total!), when we learned how Jesus came to earth, died on a cross, and rose again to forgive our sins and give us life in heaven.  We discovered some neat facets of sand dollars this day, had an obstacle course in the gym and playground time, made wood crosses and sand dollar necklaces, and sang God's praises throughout the day.

Vacation Bible School 2009 - Day 4
We learned of God's love and protection this day: "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7).  Our Bible lesson showed us how God provided for the Israelites in the wilderness, and our snack, crafts, and music time throughout the morning reinforced the message of God's care for us, just as the sea anemone provides protection for certain fish.

Vacation Bible School 2009 - Day 5
Our final day of VBS taught us to help and serve others, just as King Saul's son, Jonathan, showed his concern and love for his friend, David, even though he knew David would become the next king.  The ocean creature we studied was the dolphin, and we enjoyed heart cookies, kickball and playground time, and craft and music time.  The day, and our VBS program, concluded with our closing service for parents, family, and friends filled with our singing, and then a hot dog, watermelon and chips lunch was enjoyed by all who could stay.

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