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  • A daily Bible lesson
  • Devotions with our Pastor
  • Creative art activities
  • Free play at learning centers
  • Snack time
  • Circle time (singing, music, stories,etc.)
  • Games
  • Outside play and movement activities
  • Pre-reading activities
  • Pre-math activities
  • Hands-on science
  • Field trips
  • Holiday parties
  • Special programs (e.g. Christmas)
Objectives of Trusting Hearts Preschool
  • Assist our parents in teaching their children in the truths about God's wonderful plan of salvation for all people.
  • Help the child grow in Christian stewardship of time, gifts, and talents.
  • Help the child give expression of his faith as it pertains to his relationship with others, especially his peers.
  • Help the child develop his mental talents through new learning experiences.
  • Help the child develop emotionally.
  • Help the child to take care of and to develop his body, which is the temple of God.
  • Help the child become acquainted with the school environment in preparation for Kindergarten.
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