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» I have been going to our WELS church since 3rd grade and was confirmed in 8th grade. I am now out of college and still attending our WELS church and love every aspect of it. As I have understood, we have reasons for using hymns and not having a "worship band" that plays up front, but I saw a question on this site about a WELS church having a contemporary service and I was wondering if there are, indeed, WELS churches that have a contemporary service and if that consists of modern Christians songs with a worship band? Also, if contemporary services aren't to be practiced in a WELS church, I was wondering if I could have a more in-depth answer for why that is. I vaguely remember why it is, but I've had friends who I've invited to church ask why we don't have that and I'd like to explain it in a better way to them.
» If a soul is not visible when a person dies and goes to heaven, how can the soul then recognize others or even meet the Lord? What does a soul do during that time in heaven until Judgement Day? The Bible notes that upon our death, the soul immediately goes to heaven but, if invisible, how can it rejoice, etc. with the Lord? Is there any scriptural basis that indicates the soul knows what has happened and why he/she is there and be able to recognize others? How can the soul recognize if it is an invisible being? Thank you.
» My friend says rock music is not Christian-like and none is suitable for listening to because of its sexual connotations. While I can see a lot of music could have been conceived with sex being a catalyst, I can't believe only Christian music (and no Christian rock is allowed either according to her) is acceptable. I believe that music genres can appeal to many types of people and we shouldn't judge a genre because we don't like it. I believe Christian rock can be acceptable just as some rock and roll, blues, and swing, and any other music can be acceptable. Does all music have to be praise to God to be acceptable? Is all rock and roll truly evil? What does WELS believe about music?
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